Research Committee
Grants Work Group
  • The Grant Work Group solicits and manages funding to support research conducted by trainees and faculty at all levels and disciplines relevant to the PAG field. 

The NASPAG Research Committee Announces the Recipients of the Young Investigator Grant for 2021-2022.  


Dr. Laura Kirkpatrick

UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh PGY-5 Child Neurology  

Interviews with adolescent and young adult women with epilepsy and co-occurring intellectual disability, and their caregivers, about sexual and reproductive health 

Description: In this project, I will conduct semi-structured qualitative interviews with adolescent and young adult women with epilepsy and co-occurring intellectual disability, as well as their parents or other caregivers, regarding sexual and reproductive health.  I will explore the concerns, experiences, and preferences of these groups regarding delivery of sexual and reproductive healthcare, touching upon a variety of topics including menstruation, catamenial seizures, pregnancy, relationships, folic acid, and contraception. 


Dr. Kirsten Das

George Washington University PGY-3 OBGYN

Use of NEDS Database to assess outcomes of emergency department visits for pediatric and adolescent patients with gynecologic complaints. 

Description: Pediatric and adolescent patients present to the emergency department with varying gynecologic and obstetric complaints, but little is known about the ultimate diagnoses and outcomes of these patients. Many pediatric and adolescent gynecologic specialists are located at academic institutions and children’s hospitals; however, most pediatric, and adolescent patients present to community hospitals. Utilizing the National Emergency Department Sample (NEDS), this study aims to describe and quantify emergency department gynecologic and obstetric diagnoses and dispositions for pediatric and adolescent patients.