JPAG Podcasts

30-minute podcasts discussing specific topics with the journal's editor in chief, Dr. Paula Hillard. 

Podcast 2.0 (NEW July 2022)

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Topics by Month
Year 2022

July: Discussion of adolescent women with heart disease

August and October: We're a Bit Behind

November: JPAG Interview: Puberty with Frank Biro

Podcast 1.0 (2019-2021)

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TOPICS BY MONTH (2019-2021)
Year 2021 


1.      Dr.'s Hillard & Tyson chat with Peggy Orenstein about her book discussing interviews with more than 70 young women exploring today's world of adolescent sex and sexuality.  


1.      Guests Kate Diebec and Nicole Todd talk about their superb article discussing: Gynecologic Care for Pediatric and Adolescent Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation


1.      Endometriosis imaging and discuss letter to the editor & reply
2.      The Prevalence of Mullerian Anomalies in Women with a Diagnosed Renal Anomaly

Year 2020


1.      Social Media & PAG
2.      Review articles pertaining to Contraception counseling in patients with cancer and congenital heart disease
3.      Ovarian hypertrophy after unilateral oophorectomy


1.      Best Practices in Nexplanon counseling with Guest Speaker Dr. Elise Berlan
2.      Recognizing Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake in PAG clinics
3.      NASPAGs Advocacy committee Wellness Statement


1.      ERAS protocol with Guest Speaker Dr. Krista Childress
2.      Puberty discussion
3.      Abortion in Chile

July discussion of JPAG June Edition

1.      Hormonal contraception and bone health
2.      Managing acute AUB in teens
3.      Ehler's Danlos Syndrome & Gyn care 


1.      Discussing the April edition of JPAG
2.      Comprehensive endometriosis article
3.      Highlight favorite abstracts and poster presentations missed at ACRM 4/2020


1.      Crisis in pregnancy centers in the US
2.      Gender affirmative care in PAG
3.      Perceived IUD pain

 January Review of 6 articles from October Edition

1.      Updated long resident curriculum
2.      Update on precocious puberty in girls 
3.      Sexting and young adolescent: association with adverse life experiences 
4.      Documentation of sexual menstrual histories in the inpatient setting
5.      The efficacy of long-term HRT in Turner syndrome patients with ovarian failure
6.      Menstrual suppression in patients with disabilities 

Year 2019


1.      "Your name in lights": strategies for getting published from the JPAG journal editor in chief. Live from World Congress for PAG Melbourne.


1.      JPAG supplement covering all things IUDs 
2.      International perspective addressing barriers & solutions to increase LARC access


1.      Vulval pain in children
2.      Metabolic syndrome in adolescents with PCOS
3.      Marijuana use in teens


1.      Menstrual cycles within the 2 years after menarche
2.      Vaginal dilation
3.      IUD placement in teens
4.      Endometriosis management in adolescents 

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