Your gift supports medical education and research in the field of PAG, and the reproductive well-being of children and adolescents 

We have several opportunities to support our goals as a society as One-Time or Monthly Gifts. Please click on the opportunity to submit electronically. 

Friends of NASPAG

Support the NASPAG Endowment to sustain, support and enhance the future success of NASPAG.  Funds received by our Friends will allow us to fulfill our Society Mission to provide multidisciplinary leadership in education, research and gynecologic care to improve the reproductive health of youth.

Sanfilippo Education Fund

Support NASPAG Education and Scholarships, Core NASPAG Education programs – ACRM and Webinars. Provide financial support to develop our next generation of health care professionals by supporting their education and research.

*Joe Sanfilippo MD, MBA was a founding father of NASPAG, Executive Director as well as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. This fund continues Joe’s dedication to young, talented individuals committed to enhancing the reproductive health of girls and young women. The fund’s mission is to provide financial support to help develop our next generation of health care professionals by supporting their education and research. 

Mothers, Mentors and Mentees

Support Young Trainees (Medical Students, Residents, and Allied Health Professionals) with Travel Scholarships to the ACRM and Education through our Webinars. This campaign also recognizes the mentors and mothers who are driving forces in our careers and lives.  

S. Jean Emans Fund 

Support NASPAG’s educational efforts in Adolescent Medicine, strengthen NASPAG Adolescent Medicine Initiatives with ACRM Plenary Support for education and adolescent medicine, and enhance NASPAG programs to encourage learning in Adolescent Health. Support the S. Jean Emans Fund as we look to cultivate our future PAG leaders! 

NASPAG welcomes donations by check if unable to submit electronically. Please complete the NASPAG Check Donation form. Then mail in your check and completed form to NASPAG headquarters. 

Please mail all check payments to:
NASPAG Headquarters
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