PAGWEBED Information

Thank you to everyone who has begun using the new site. We have received great feedback from all users and have made any necessary changes. One such change is the ability to import your students. We listened to your notes and have made the change to have all users be imported/edited using the form below (student upload form). We hope this will make site utilization easier and more pleasant for all users.

If you are faculty, please sign up for the site here. Please note that this is not automatic. You will receive an email via bridge inviting you to create your account. 

If you are a student, you will not need to sign up. All faculty members will use the student upload form below to invite you to the system. You will then receive an email from bridge inviting you to set up your account.

Helpful articles and step by step instructions:

Import your students using the template and form below (for faculty members only-students cannot sign up):

 Other important links: