Dear Investigator,

The NASPAG research committee welcomes submissions for research surveys through the NASPAG listserv. In order to ensure quality and relevance to the NASPAG membership, we request you follow the instructions below for submission. All submissions will be reviewed by a designated research committee member. If approved the study will then be forwarded to the listserv manager to be released to the listserv.  Alternatively, you may be asked to provide additional information or edits to support the project being distributed to NASPAG.

You or a member of your research team must be an active NASPAG member.

If you are not a member, there is a $500 fee to send a research survey on our NASPAG Listerv.

Submit all requests to [email protected] (Click here to submit requests)

Instructions for submitting a study to be sent through the NASPAG Listserv 

  1. Invitation to participate in study with brief study description and goals or outcome measures
  2. Survey incentives ONLY if applicable
  3. Statement on confidentiality. Ex. The information that you provide in the survey will not be linked to your computer, email address, or other electronic identifiers.

Finally, please include the following information at the end of the survey

If you have any questions about the research, you should contact the principal investigator, XXX by contacting (Email).
This study has been reviewed and approved by YOUR INSTITUTION (IRB); IRB #XXX.

By clicking on the button below, you indicate your voluntary agreement to take part in this research study by completing this online survey.

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If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


NASPAG Research Committee