Budget-Finance Committee


To develop the annual operational and ACRM budget for NASPAG.


1. To collect budgetary requests from NASPAG board, committee chairs, ACRM program chair, and membership.
2. To monitor and interpret NASPAG’s financial health and report to board
3. To develop an annual operational budget for NASPAG and present it to board for approval.
4. To develop a budget for annual NASPAG Annual Clinical and Research Meeting and present to board for approval.
5. To monitor Friends of NASPAG budget.
6. To solicit budgetary requests for Friends of NASPAG from Board, Committee chairs and Membership.


2021-2022 Budget-Finance Committee




Susan Kaufman, DO, FACOG                                
Center for Specialized Gynecology
Cherry Hill, NJ



 Executive Director

Brent Schwartz
Talley Management Group, Inc.    
Mount Royal, NJ


Assistant Treasurer

Jennifer Bercaw-Pratt, MD
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX



Amy Sass, MD                  
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO