About NASPAG Research Committee

The NASPAG Research Committee is committed to fostering research interests of our members, creating opportunities for collaboration, and providing ongoing educational opportunities for members interested in research endeavors.

A. Committee Structure:

1. 6- 8 members- preference for balance of disciplines encourages allied health professional involvement

2. Commitment of 2 years. With opportunity to renew

3. Membership entails active participation in ongoing research projects and attendance of regular conference calls

B. Committee Members

1. Chair: Andrea Bonny

2. Aletha Akers, Leslie Appiah, Lynae Brayboy, Ellen L. Conor, Amy DiVasta, Veronica Gomez-Lobo, Julie Hakim, Ellen Rome, Gina Sucato, Julia Taylor, Maria Trent, Amy Vallerie

C. Research Program for NASPAG members

1. Mentoring

2. Research Projects