Research Mentorship

NASPAG Mentorship Program

Research Development Division

This division of the mentorship program aims to enhance a junior investigator’s knowledge and skills in clinical research related to pediatric and adolescent gynecology through two mechanisms:

With the direction of the NASPAG Research Committee, junior faculty will be referred to a research consultant within the NASPAG membership who has content expertise in his/her area of interest.  Individuals who wish to pursue this avenue of research support will be required to have a primary mentor in place at his/her home institution for the detailed supervision of the research project. The role of the consultant will be to comment on research design in general, direct the investigator to potential funding agencies, help choose journals for manuscript submission, and offer expert guidance.

Junior investigators will be partnered with a senior member of NASPAG who will guide the more junior faculty with an initial research idea through its planning stages. This will be a more structured experience than that described above with more frequent contact and detailed supervision, which will begin at a research mentorship workshop at the Annual Clinical and Research Meeting (ACRM) of NASPAG.  The partnership will continue for one calendar year.

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