About NASPAG Research Committee

The NASPAG Research Committee is committed to fostering research interests of our members, creating opportunities for collaboration, and providing ongoing educational opportunities for members interested in research endeavors. We will offer three sessions at ACRM 2014 with those commitments in mind. First, Gina Sucato and Sarah Barth will host a workshop on “How to Review Manuscripts”, a relevant topic for potential reviewers as well as potential authors. Secondly, Andrea Bonny and Ellen Connor will offer a workshop on Friday afternoon that will address design of clinical research projects. Finally, on Saturday morning, Veronica Gomez-Lobo and Unab Khan will meet with the fellows attending ACRM to discuss thinking about research and opportunities for fellows to design collaborative research topics.

A. Committee Structure:

1. 6- 8 members- preference for balance of disciplines encourages allied health professional involvement

2. Commitment of 2 years. With opportunity to renew

3. Membership entails active participation in ongoing research projects and attendance of regular conference calls


B. Committee Members

1. Co-chairs: Andrea Bonny and Veronica Gomez-Lobo

2. Amy DiVasta, Zeev Harel, Gina Sucato, Ellen Connor, Heather Applebaum, and Unab Khan


C. Research Program for NASPAG members

1. Mentoring

2. Research Projects

a. Coming Soon