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Budget-Finance Committee
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To develop the annual operational and ACRM budget for NASPAG.




1. To collect budgetary requests from NASPAG board, committee chairs, ACRM program chair, and membership.

2. To monitor and interpret NASPAG’s financial health and report to board

3. To develop an annual operational budget for NASPAG and present it to board for approval.

4. To develop a budget for annual NASPAG Annual Clinical and Research Meeting and present to board for approval.

5. To monitor Friends of NASPAG budget.

6. To solicit budgetary requests for Friends of NASPAG from Board, Committee chairs and Membership.


Committee Composition:


Chairperson is the Treasurer of NASPAG. The Treasurer serves a three-year term and may be

re-elected to serve an additional consecutive three-year term


Other committee members include the current President,  Immediate Past president, Executive Director, Assistant Treasurer (when applicable), Financial Officer from management company, and member-at-large. The member-at-large serves a one year term with the option for




The Committee will generate a written annual operational and ACRM budget and present it to board for review, discussion, and approval prior to year-end. The Committee is invited to consider submitting budgetary needs to the Board when the annual notification for budget requests is announced. Committee Chair is responsible for the prudent management of funds allocated to the committee.


Treasurer’s Duties and Timeline:

Monthly throughout the year:

Prepare and present financial reports for the Board and Executive Committee meetings. The Accountant will send information to the Treasurer to be used to prepare the reports.


Review the status of NASPAG’s investments and other information from RAFFA, including monthly reports, and present this information to the Executive Committee and the Board.


Review all new potential contracts for NASPAG and current contracts as they approach renewal time.


Participate in discussions of new proposed NASPAG expenditures outside of the budget cycle


Address any other financial topics and propose new financial topics as appropriate


Work closely with the President, President Elect, Executive Director, ACRM Program Director and other NASPAG Board members regarding the status and financial health of the organization



Prepare a financial report and financial review and power point presentation, of the prior year for presentation at the Board meeting, the Past President’s luncheon, and Business meeting at the ACRM


Additional Treasurer Responsibilities:

Attend the telephone meetings of the Development and Investment Committees


Represent the Investment Committee at phone conferences if needed 


Starting approximately July/August:

Budget requests will begin to be submitted. Review budget requests and reach out to the committees, individuals who have submitted the requests as needed for further information


Approximately September/October:

Begin telephone meetings with our Executive Director and Accountant (the later if needed) to review the proposed budget for the next year. The Executive Director will send the proposed budget to the Treasurer for review prior to the phone meeting



After the proposed budget and budget requests have been reviewed and discussed, the Treasurer will write a synopsis of the proposed budget and budget requests.  The treasurer will provide guidance regarding the acceptance, modification, or rejection of all budget requests. The treasurer will provide guidance regarding acceptance/modification of the proposed budget.


The synopsis, recommendations, and proposed budget with budget requests will be sent to the Budget and Finance Committee for review. The members include the Treasurer, current President, Immediate Past President, Assistant Treasurer (when applicable), Member - at - Large, Executive Director.


After time for the review, the Budget and Finance Committee will meet via a phone conference to discuss and approve the proposed budget and budget requests.



After approval by the Budget and Finance Committee, the synopsis, recommendations, and proposed budget with budget requests will be sent to the Board for review prior to the Board meeting.


The treasurer will present all the information to the Board for final approval.


Treasurer term of Office:

The official term consists of three years. There is a 4 th year of serving as back up to an assistant treasurer.


Terms run from ACRM to ACRM.

The treasurer can be re elected for another 3 years.

If the treasurer is not nominated for a second three term or declines a second term, then the Board/Executive Committee/ Nominating Committee will select an assistant treasurer. The current treasurer begins to train an assistant treasurer in the third year of their service. It would be expected that the assistant treasure would move on to be the treasurer.


There is a training period of a year for the assistant treasurer. Observation starts in the third year of the current treasurer, in the fall when the budget cycle starts. At the next ACRM, at the end of the current treasurer’s 3 years, the assistant treasurer takes over and does most/all the work with the current treasurer helping and guiding and participating in the above committee meetings.


Then at the next ACRM the assistant treasure becomes the official treasurer after the voting during the business meeting.



The Committee meets via phone conference at least once prior to presenting the budget to the board.



2020-2021 Budget-Finance Committee




Susan Kaufman, DO, FACOG

Center for Specialized Gynecology

Cherry Hill, NJ



Executive Director

Donna Colavita

Talley Management Group, Inc.

Mount Royal, NJ


Past President

Ellen L. Connor, MD

University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI



Eduardo Lara-Torre, MD

Carilion Clinic Virginia Tech

Carilion School of Medicine

Roanoke, VA

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